Discover the pleasure of creating your own bag at the Confection Imagine Bag Bar, where each bag tells a unique story: yours.


The experience

The concept of the “Confection Imagine Bag Bar” is a unique tourist experience that allows you to personalize your dream handbag while participating in an interactive and entertaining creation process. Here's how this experience goes.

  1. Choice of shoulder bag parts
    You have the opportunity to choose from a selection of pieces to create your ideal bag. Whether it's the exterior, the lining, the flap or the button, you have the freedom to put together your bag according to your tastes and style. It's an artistic experience where you can give free rein to your creativity by selecting the colors, patterns and textures that you like the most.

  2. On-site assembly
    Once you have made your choices, Louise and Mélissa, the artisans from Confection Imagine, get to work assembling your bag in front of you. It is a unique opportunity to see the artisanal manufacturing process in action and appreciate the know-how of the artisans. Allow approximately 30 minutes for this step, during which you will be able to watch in wonder as your ideas transform into tangible reality.

  3. Immersion in the workshop atmosphere
    While your bag takes shape, you are invited to immerse yourself in the warm atmosphere of the workshop. You can watch the magic happen before your eyes while chatting with Louise and Mélissa, who will be happy to share their passion and expertise with you.

In summary, Bar à Sacoche Confection Imagine offers much more than a simple handbag personalization service. It is an immersive experience that combines creativity, craftsmanship and conviviality, and which leaves visitors with unforgettable memories and a unique handbag, in their image. Do not hesitate to make an appointment to live this exceptional experience during your next tourist getaway.

Reservation by telephone or email. For 1 to 10 people at a time.

Confection Imagine
350 Boulevard du Royaume, Larouche, Quebec

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